Passwords: Which alternatives for User Authentication?

There is a lot going on about User Authentication. But also a profusion of solutions. We're conducting this short survey to understand how these solutions are perceived by IT specialists and service providers. We'll publish the results in October; if you want to get these results directly in your mail box, please leave us your address (bottom of the page). Thank you!

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    User convenience
    Impact on systems
    Impact on user support
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    Keychain tokens, dongles, smarcard readers
    Soft tokens (vendors authentication Apps or clients)
    Short-text codes
    Browser-based & installation-free
    Biometry (recognition of fingerprints, eyes, voice...)
    In-App authentication
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    InWebo is a SaaS provider of Identity Protection solutions built to secure customers and employees access to Web, Mobile, Cloud and IT systems. inWebo turns any device (PC, mobile, tablet...) into authentication tokens, and uniquely combines hardware-grade security with extreme ease of use and deployment, resulting in a frictionless user experience. inWebo's technology has been certified by the French national IT security agency. ยป Try our solutions: