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COVID-19 has taken its toll on young people across the world. Given the spread of the pandemic in Africa, many African countries have declared a lockdown whilst restricting economic activities and movement in a bid to contain the spread of the virus. Due to the lockdown, young people have been forced to stay at home. Restrictions on movement, cancelled classes, forced unemployment, lack of income, increased family burden, amongst others have led to a surge in young peoples' levels of stress, anxiety, hopelessness, despair etc.

To help mitigate the potential behavioural health impact of the lockdown and the crisis on young people across the continent, YALDA is organising mental health stress management cafés 3 times a week online at 7pm CAT for 1 hour. These cafés will provide an avenue for young people to destress and open conversation on managing the impact of COVID-19. All cafés will be limited to 10-15 people per facilitator in order to ensure an intimate environment where everyone can freely participate during the allotted time.

We hope that these cafés will give you practical tools to help you overcome the mental health challenges posed by COVID-19.
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