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The Five College Learning in Retirement Program depends on its members to do just about everything that is needed to provide an interesting, quality program for retired people in the Pioneer Valley. We organize seminars, workshops, trips, special programs, meetings, and events. This takes a lot of creative effort by members, and it is done through standing and ad hoc committees.

Appointments to committee membership are for three-year terms. New appointments are made each year to ensure a constant supply of new people and new ideas. This rotation offers a wonderful opportunity for all, including new and recent members, to get creatively involved and to get to know other members better. Our membership year is from July 1 to the next June 30. Each year we ask members to indicate what committee(s) they would volunteer to serve on. This list is used to select new committee members, as openings occur during the year. We need your participation! If you are interested in serving on a committee, please fill out this form or let the office know by phone (585-3756) of your interest.

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Receives and reviews proposals for seminars and workshops.
Advises Council on dues, budget and related management issues.
Great Decisions
Arranges for this series of programs on current events in the spring.
Member Services
Supports current member needs and the smooth integration of new members into the organization.
Public Relations
Works to promote awareness of 5CLIR in our communities and recruits new members.
Special Programs
Receives, considers, and schedules proposed lectures, trips and events for the fall & spring semesters.
January and Summer Programs
Plans local & distant activities to provide interesting experiences for members between semesters.
Maintains inventory of 5CLIR’s audio-visual and other technical equipment and schedules its use by members; maintains the 5CLIR website; conducts computer workshops; and provides technical expertise to 5CLIR seminar participants and the 5CLIR office.
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