2021 AIN Student INSPIRE Scholarship Teacher Recommendation
Our AIN Student INSPIRE Scholarship is designed for students in the Kansas City metropolitan area that are aspiring to greater arts development in their specified arts discipline through a summer camp or intensive. Our definition of arts discipline for scholarship purposes is used to include the following artistic areas: acting, creative writing(poetry/short stories), dance, drawing/painting, graphic arts/design, instrumental music, musical theater, photography, sculpture and voice. All types of artistic submissions must meet the criteria required for evaluation areas outlined in our application. AIN Student INSPIRE Scholarships can vary in amount each year for the selected summer term. Our scholarship award amounts will be dependent upon the donations received by our organization, designated for this purpose, with approval and final decisions by the current AIN Leadership. The amount awarded to each student can vary in amount with a maximum award of $500.00 per student towards tuition costs only, for their designated summer camp or intensive. All completed materials must be submitted online by 5:00 pm on April 23, 2021, for consideration for the upcoming summer term for which the student is applying; incomplete applications will not be considered. Application fees will not be returned for incomplete applications. All scholarship applicants will be notified by email with scholarship award decisions by May 3rd, 2021. Note: 2-year limit for each student applicant for a scholarship.

Thank you for taking the time to recommend a student for one of our AIN Student INSPIRE Scholarships. To date, we have awarded 42 scholarships totaling over $17,000.00 for student tuition for a summer artistic camp or intensive. We believe the arts inspire and impact our culture for the better and the influence of an artistic teacher can never be erased.
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