IKIC Volunteer Teaching Assistant Application 2019
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APPLICATION TIMELINE (www.iknowican.net for details)
Now – March 1: Accepting Applications
March 1 - April 1: Conducting Phone Interviews
April 1 – May 1: Extending Offers and Confirming the Team
June 29 - July 3: Staff Orientation in Ramallah, Palestine
July 4 - August 3: Teaching in Ramallah, Palestine

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This is not a requirement but it is a benefit to our program to have Arabic speakers.
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You can rank as many highly preferred as you like. Please be genuine in your rankings. See website www.iknowican.net for details about the programs and positions.
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K-2nd English camp
3rd-5th English class/camp hybrid
6th-9th English class/camp hybrid
9th Bridge English Second Language
10th Bridge College Prep
10th-11th College Prep
Please provide rationale for your preferences above. *
Do you have any extracurricular experience and skills (sports, arts, etc.)? Please explain. *
All staff for grades K-9 lead extracurricular activities.
Are there any reasons that you would not be able to be in Palestine for the entirety of the program? If so, please explain. *
June 29 - August 3
Do you have any concerns about the teaching and community engagement expectations? If so, please explain. *
5 days of week of teaching, 2-3 days of guest speakers in the evenings, one staff reflection per week, one full-day political tour per week, and one day off per week (see program website for more details)
Please provide 1-2 professional references: their name, contact info, and a brief description of your relationship. *
Short Answer Responses
The following questions are meant to give us a sense of who you are as a teacher, your orientation toward social justice, and the role you play in communities.

Please avoid clichés or generalizations. Be your genuine self and provide specific examples from your experience to support your responses.

*** Limit each response to a maximum of 200 words. ***

Why do you want to live and teach in Palestine for the summer? *
How do you view the relationship between your identity and social justice? *
Describe any experience you with teaching or working with young people. *
In what ways have you grown? What led you to stay in or change your roles?
Tell the story of a time when you were out of your comfort zone for cultural or political reasons. *
How did you respond? What was the result?
Tell the story of a time when you had to live or work with someone with whom you fundamentally disagreed. *
What were the differences? How did you respond?
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