Digitala Skollyftet vecka 2 - Dave Cormier
Vem är Dave Cormier?

"I’m a person who thinks about the variety of ways in which the world is changing and tries to make sense of it. My primary interests are how technologically mediated communities affect learning and how knowledge can be created by real folks when what we mean by knowledge is always what we mean by knowledge. I try to keep this CV reasonably up to date.

I work for UPEI as their Manager of web communications and innovations… I’m not sure what this means, but i do do a variety of different things there that include the web. I’m also a (insert dreaded word) consultant that works on a variety of educational/community projects. I’m the manager of the Edtechtalk community of practice and am a member of a variety of other projects around the intertubes.

I like to discuss, I like to deconstruct and I like to find very simple, elegant solutions to problems. I firmly believe that most of the answers to our ills are already in our hands and that when you get the right people working in the right direction, just about anything is possible. I like to work on the ‘final version’ at the same time that I’m figuring out root causes to problems. I think, essentially, that things are interconnected, and that linear solutions to problems work in small, isolated ways, but that real change happens when you move an entire project at the same time. I am, however, also more and more of the belief that this kind of change requires very firm deadlines."

Som förberedelse kan du som vill se detta inslag från The Cage på Skolforum 2012.

Vill du läsa mer? Här är Stefan Pålssons text från 2012.

Samtalet med Dave Cormier kommer ske på engelska,med sammanfattning och kommentar på svenska i anslutning. Under sändningen chattar vi och använder #digiskol. Tveka inte att fråga om något är svårbegripligt! Du kan ställa frågan till Dave nedanför på svenska, vi översätter.

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