PMA BOG CIWP SEF & Parent Plan Exit Slip
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What does CIWP stand for? *
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What does SEF stand for? *
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How many categories and subcategories does the CPS SEF now have? *
The structure of the CIWP Parent Plan: *
According to the Illinois School Code, there must be community representation on each CIWP team, either by parents or community members and an LSC representative on the team. *
All stakeholders must be involved in a majority of meetings regarding the document and filling out the content of the plan. *
All CIWP team members are meaningfully involved in the planning process for CIWP components as it relates to the CPS Spectrum of inclusive Partnerships and as appropriate for each stakeholders role. *
What is the main data source used to create the CIWP? *
The CIWP Parent and Family Plan is due on May 8, 2020. *
The PMA 2020-2022 CIWP must be approved by the PMA BOG by June 5, 2020. *
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