Thurston VSP Agricultural Operator Stewardship Plan Checklist
Promoting agricultural viability and protecting critical areas in Thurston County, WA.

The VSP offers farmers the opportunity to manage their land in their own way and provides options to create Individual Stewardship Plans tailored to their individual operation, as opposed to being subject to “one-size-fits-all” county regulations for environmentally critical areas.

Some of the benefits to agricultural from this program include:
1. A reduction in regulatory risk and uncertainty through the presumption that agricultural operators
implementing a Stewardship Plan are working towards the protection and enhancement of critical areas
2. Improved operational efficiencies, higher yields, and increased production
3. Enhanced image of agriculture to the larger community as good stewards of natural resources
4. Incentives for landowners to implement conservation practices

Fill out this checklist to begin the process of creating an Individual Stewardship Plan. An Individual Stewardship Plan is a tool in your belt to help proactively stewards our land for generations to come.

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