Entry form for Bay of Islands, Kerikeri Golf Club Mixed Pairs 4BBB Match Play
15th to 19th February, 2021 - Divisions of Eight - Mixed Pairs
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NZVGA programmed event
15th to 19th February, 2021
Bay of Islands, Kerikeri Golf Club
Mixed Pairs 4BBB Match Play

ENTRY FEE $160.00 Per Pair

Divisions of Eight - Mixed Pairs

One Round Stroke Play for Seeding of Match Play Draw. Three Rounds of Handicap Match Play

Play Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - day off, Thursday and Friday

Open to Veteran Golfers 50 Years +

(Max Hcp. Index Men 35.4 - Women 40.4)

There will be a meal on the Thursday night, $30 per person, that we encourage you and non-playing partners to attend.

Please submit entries and payment by Monday 1st February, 2021.

Inquiries to: Kevin Hughes 09 407 8837 email:office@boigc.co.nz

Format of Play
The field will be listed in order of combined course handicap of each pair.
Division 1 will consist of the eight pairs with the lowest combined course handicaps.
Division 2 will consist of the eight pairs with the next lowest combined course handicaps.
Divisions 3, 4 and 5 etc. (as entries dictate) will follow on as above.
The Divisions of eight will be determined by the combined course handicaps on Sunday the 14th of February, 2021.
The stroke play round will be played in Divisions of eight. This will be a random draw.
The seeding for the match play will be based on the combined gross scores of each pair.
The lowest combined pair scores will be seeded number 1 through to 8 in each Division.
The World handicap system will be in play throughout the tournament which may change a handicap on a daily basis but will not change the Division you start the Tournament in.
Men play from the White tees and the Women from the Red Tees.
The player in the four with the lowest handicap will give strokes (if any) to the player receiving them off their own scorecard. The Men take their strokes off the White scorecard and the Women off the Red scorecard regardless if it is a Man giving the strokes or a Woman giving the strokes.
If a match is square after 18 holes the match will continue from the starting hole until a hole is won. Handicap strokes apply as per the scorecard.
There are prizes for both the Stroke play round and Match play competition.

Further conditions of entry are displayed at the end of the form.

Entry forms must be completed in full and returned with entry fee + parking site fees, if applicable, enclosed to ensure site booked.
Man - First name
Man - Surname
Man - 7 digit ID
Women - First name
Women - Surname
Women - 7 digit index
Mobile number
VAN AND MOBILE-HOME SITES AVAILABLE $10 per night. Motor home sites should be paid with the entry form or at registration. You will be given a label to display in your motor front window at registration *
If you require a motorhome park, how many nights will you be staying?
Motorhome Registration
Limited number of carts available. Please book with Kevin Hughes 09 407 8837
Tournament Dinner on Thursday 18th. $30.00 per person. Number attending
Please calculate your total entry fee? Enter the amount excluding the $ sign. *
Entries are to be paid into BNZ Kerikeri, 02 0352 0119398 00 Reference: Name and Member ID
Conditions of Play -

(1) Open to veteran golfers 50+ who are financial 18 hole members of a NZGA affiliated golf club

(2) The new World handicaps will be used so handicaps may change each day of the tournament. A change in handicap will not however result in a change in Division.

(3) Entries close on 1st February, 2021, or earlier if the field is full. Late entries at the Tournaments Secretary's discretion.

(4) The rules of the Tournament shall be those of "The Royal and Ancient Golf club of St Andrews" except as varied by the Local Rules of the BOI Golf Club Inc.

(5) Your date of entry will be the date the BOI Golf Club has received BOTH your entry form and your entry fee of each pair.

(6) Entry may be refused by the Bay of Islands Golf Club without being required to give a reason.

(7) Entry fee refunded in full if notice of withdrawal from event is received before close of entries.

(8) The BOI Golf Club reserves the right to change the program either before or during the Tournament.

(9) Any protests must be lodged in writing to the BOI Golf Club within 30 minutes of completion of the round.

(10) Decisions of the BOI Golf Club committee shall be final.

(11) Players must abide by any remaining Covid 19 Restrictions
Please add me to the NZVGA National list of players so that I receive regular emails about events. *
By completing the entry form, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of the tournament. A copy of your entry form is automatically emailed back to you when it is submitted.
Any other comments/requests
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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