Township’s Got Talent 2022
The Landis Run PTO is excited to bring the talent show back to Landis Run!

Please carefully read these guidelines before signing up!

DEADLINE FOR SIGNING UP: Friday, February 3, 2022

Start practicing! Auditions are a formality to make sure your act is school appropriate. All appropriate acts will be accepted so come prepared with the best version of your act!

* Each act MUST be no longer than 2 minutes * You may only participate in 1 act per show 

*You must provide music if required. Please email a mp3 or a hyperlink to: after
you have signed up.

* If the act has music with lyrics, please include in the email a copy of the words for review. You may not be able to participate if the lyrics are deemed inappropriate. The PTO event planners’ decision is final.

*No CDs or cassette tapes will be accepted

*You must have a set routine. NO improv acts will be accepted.

*Please be prepared to wait quietly and respectfully while other students are practicing and performing. Please
consider bringing a book or something non-disruptive to pass the down time. You can bring a dry snack.

*Parents are expected to provide transportation following auditions and rehearsals, and on performance night.

*When signing up, please choose your group carefully based on the schedules below. All students in each act MUST attend the audition, rehearsal, dress rehearsal and final performance related to their choice.

Tuesday Group:
Audition: TUESDAY, FEB 7th 3:15-5pm
Rehearsal: TUESDAY, Feb 14th 3:15-5pm
Rehearsal: TUESDAY, Feb 21 st 3:15-5pm
Rehearsal: TUESDAY, Feb 28 th 3:15-5pm
Everyone- Dress Rehearsal: THURSDAY, Mar 9th 3:15-6pm
Everyone- Talent Show: FRIDAY, MARCH 10th 5-9pm

Wednesday Group:
Audition: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8th 3:15-5pm
Rehearsal: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15th 3:15-5pm
Rehearsal: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd 3:15-5pm
Rehearsal: WEDNESDAY, March 1st 3:15-5pm
Everyone- Dress Rehearsal: THURSDAY, MARCH 9th 3:15-6pm
Everyone- Talent Show: FRIDAY, MARCH 10th 5-9pm

We will provide a speaker, piano, gym mats, microphones and stage lighting as needed.

Parents should wait in their cars when picking up students from auditions and rehearsals. Students will be released out the front doors when they are finished. 

If you have any questions, please contact Krista Topper at or 717-371-3585
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Rehearsal Preference - Please see the dates above and select either Group A (Tuesday rehearsals) OR Group B (Wednesday rehearsals). *
Parent Email - Please provide a parent email that we will use to communicate information - we cannot email to a student email account.  *
Please describe your act and what you will do. If this is a group act, please list the first and last name of each student who is in the act (each student must submit this form). *
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For Parent/Guardian: I have explained to my student the responsibilities involved in participating in the Landis Run Talent Show. My student understands that their behavior during all auditions, rehearsals, and performances must adhere to student guidelines, the same as during school hours. I have explained to my student that they will have down time waiting for other students to rehearse/perform and have discussed ways they can fill their time quietly and be on their best behavior. My student will practice their act on their own and will come to auditions and rehearsals prepared to perform their act. I have reviewed any song lyrics to ensure they are appropriate for a school performance. *
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