2021 Namaspa Foundation YTT Scholarship Application
This application is for partial or full scholarship of the Namaspa LLC 200hr Yoga Teacher Training; funding provided through donations to Namaspa Foundation.

The purpose of the BIPOC Scholarship is to create greater diversity, inclusiveness, and accessibility in the yoga teaching community, and to acknowledge the need for reparations.

The purpose of the Financial Aid Scholarship is to help students who want to become teachers overcome the barrier of financial need, and provide a catalyst for personal and professional growth and opportunity.

Application does not confer any guarantees - awards will be based on level of commitment, availability, and demonstrated financial need (if applying for financial aid).
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Which scholarship are you applying for?
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Mobile Phone Number *
Do you self-identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color?
Have you been practicing yoga? At Namaspa? How long? *
Why do you want to become a yoga teacher? What is calling you to this work? *
Is there any particular community you plan to work with? How do you plan to use this training to help people in that community? How do you intend to "pay this scholarship forward" to benefit others?
Do you have any experience working for racial or social justice? If so, please tell us about your work.
What involvement, if any, have you had with the Namaspa Foundation, outreach classes or in the Namaspa Ambassador program? *
If you are applying for the Financial Aid Scholarship (not BIPOC), please describe your financial situation (income and obligations) and why you need a scholarship. *
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you, please give us a short summary.
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