[IC] Project NAGA Deskmat
Good day and thank you for checking out the Interest Check of the Project NAGA Deskmat. We are Team Naga from behind the scenes and have been lurking around the keyboard community. We would like to bring the essence of modern art together with the elements of culture. myths and beliefs of the ages that would be placed as a useful piece of artwork that is usable in our daily life, rather than hanging it up on walls.

Project NAGA, a home-grown project brought to life with the intricate style of art from local illustrator/animator Milton, with inspiration sparked from our cultural background and wild imaginations.

NAGA, derived from the word 'serpent' in Sanskrit, exists in different religions, cultures and folklore, especially in Chinese culture in Malaysia. It often represents 'dragon', which is a depicture of power, strength, propitious, prosperity and an auspicious sign. It is the heart of the project, to encase the mythical creature onto the tabletop.

The designs of the dragons are based on the depiction of dragons from Chinese folklore, with features that are different from other dragons in other types of dragons in various folklore, including the four legs, anthropomorphic facial features with beards and wingless. Instead of having scales, the artist took a twist on designing the skin with a jade-like texture, further imbuing deeper meanings as jade represents beauty, grace, renewal, longevity and immortality. The jade-like texture on the lively dragons offers the meaning of a transition from an object such as a jade statue, but slowly coming to life. The dragons hold two Wish-Fulfilling pearls, with inspirations from the Dragon Ball and Chinese culture, where the pearls represent the radiance of the sun that brings luminance to all darkness and grants true joy.

The words in the background bring in the idea of the basic elements of the universe which are Fire, Water, Wood, Earth. These elements are believed to be the fundamental elements of everything in the universe between which interactions occur. As appears in the background of the designs, it only consists of Fire, Water, Wood and Earth. The final element will be your prized keyboard, to complete the cycle of the elements.

- Size: 900mm x 400mm
- Thickness: 4mm
- Stitched edge
- Standard non-slip rubber bottom
- High Quality Fabric Top

The quality of the deskmats are important factors in this project, and so, three phases of prototyping has been initiated in the span of the whole project starting from August.

For a more immersive story of the project, you can visit -

Our website: https://www.projectnaga.page/
Our Geekhack Thread: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=115698.0

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