Language within us
The training course "Language within us" based on the use of drama, voice and body techniques in
language acquisition. It will involve 25 participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech, Slovenia, Romania, Spain and Portugal.
Place and date: Sabile, Latvia form 15th till 22nd of July, 2021 + 2 travel days.

The aim of the project is to promote multilingualism through the use of non-formal methods in order to
foster the interest of young people to learn new languages as a means of intercultural communication
and acquire a sense of European Citizenship.

The training course proposes to work three aspects of the facilitation:
1) Voice and body movement.
2) Written expression and text analyses.
3) Drama and performance.

Through these aspects we want to:
1) Discover the richness of European languages and multilingualism and multiculturalism.
2) Discovering tools and methods for creative language teaching
3) Creating follow-up activities and handbooks for sharing knowledge n every partner country

The project is financed by EU programme Erasmus + and covers food, accommodation, travel and, if necessary, PCR test expenses.

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