Bayjdo Alpha Survey
Devices that you own (or frequently transfer file between)
How often do you transfer file between devices?
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What kind of files do you often transfer between devices?
Why do you transfer files using Xender/ShareIt etc. instead of transferring them over the internet?
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Which app(s) did you use before to transfer files?
Did you find a good alternative to Xender/ShareIt other than Bayjdo already?
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How did you came to know about Bayjdo?
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What are the things you really liked about Bayjdo?
What are the things you did not like about Bayjdo?
Have you been able to use Bayjdo to send files between devices? *
Do you think Bayjdo is an innovative app?
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How innovative do you find Bayjdo?
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Would you mind if Bayjdo shows advertisements in the future?
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What is more annoying to?
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How often do you watch movie/series etc. in a group?
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Would you prefer watching movies together in a group v/s watching them alone?
Prefer Watching Alone
Prefer Group Watching
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How likely are you to recommend Bayjdo to your friend/family member in the future? *
Did you face any issue with Bayjdo so far?
Any suggestions / ideas you would like to give to the developers?
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