The Responsive Environmental Assessment for Classroom Teaching
You are completing this survey to help your teacher learn more about your class experiences. Your answers are ANONYMOUS.

Whether or not you complete this survey is up to you. You can choose not to. You can also agree to complete the survey and later change your mind before you take it. You can chose not to take the survey and it will not affect your grade or your relationship with your teacher


1. Your data are anonymous. Your teacher will not see your individual responses. Your teacher will see data for the entire class, but NEVER for an individual student. Nobody else at your school will see your responses.

2. Your voice is important. Your teacher will use this information. Please respond honestly.

This survey will ask you to respond to statements about your class and teacher. After reading each statement, you will choose one of four answer choices:

Yes, Mostly Yes, Mostly No, or No.

Choose "Yes" if the statement applies to you nearly all the time.
Choose "Mostly yes" if the statement usually applies to you.
If the statement usually does not apply to you, choose "Mostly no."
If the statement hardly ever applies to you, choose, "No."
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