Thank you for taking an interest and applying to work with Team Kitrinos Medical Services.

We are currently working in various locations, but currently mainly in Camp Moria, Lesvos. By completing this form you are not committed at this stage to work with us, so please do not book any flights yet. We will need to get authorisation for you to enter the camps and all the requested paperwork will need be submitted before your planned date of arrival.

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Have you got suitable medical indemnity (legal defence) cover as humanitarian health worker? *
All doctors are advised to inform their medical indemnity provider about the type work they intend on doing. At present this is through a mobile medical unit in Northern Greece.
Have you got travel health insurance? *
This is strongly recommended. Please provider name and number (or if within EU your E111 card number). It is upto each volunteer to ensure that they are adequately covered.
Do you have the following certificates?
Please scan all certificates from the following list to a folder on googledrive and email to
Are you medically fit and well? *
If No, please specify in the notes at the end.You should consider any personal health issues from an early stage because having a current or previous significant medical history may limit your volunteering options.
Are you taking any medication? *
If Yes, please specify in notes at the end
Do you wish to declare a disability *
If you answer Yes- please provide more details in the notes section at the end. Some of the environments we work in are challenging. It may be difficult for us to match your professional and personal circumstances with a volunteer role. We'll make every effort to consider all possibilities and think flexibly to enable the volunteering experience.
Do you have specific dates on which you are available?
You will be allocated slots based on our needs to fill in gaps and we will do our best to accomodate your preference although a degree of flexibility would be appreciated.
What duration can you be available for?
[In terms of orientation, training and prioritisation for any available volunteer accomodation, those with longer periods of stay will be prioritised]
Please indicate if you have been vaccinated against: *
Please tick all that apply. Please scan a copy of Hepatitis B immunisation serology report and send with other certificates.
Please enter dates for all vaccinations above *
(You may complete later once information has been obtained by revisiting this link and using the edit facility)
Please write in your own words why you would like to volunteer with our team?
Due to the destruction of our clinic and equipment in the Moria fires, we are urgently in need of extra funding. Would you be happy for us to set up a fundraiser on your behalf on TotalGiving? NOTE: you will be able to amend the fundraising page once complete.
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