Westlock Cultural Arts Theatre FAMILY SERIES
As a committee dedicated to providing quality, family-oriented performing arts events in Westlock, we are seeking your feedback. All responses are confidential and will not be used for any purpose except informing committee decisions about performance planning, selection and promotion.
Are you interested having a FAMILY SERIES of performing arts (e.g. acting/drama, music, puppets, magic, dancing, etc) available in Westlock? *
If yes, what type of events would you support? (Check all that apply) *
Age of child/children attending (check all that apply) *
Which day of the week would you most likely attend a performance? (Average performance is 1-2hrs) *
How do you prefer to purchase your ticket? *
What is the MAXIMUM amount you are willing to pay per ticket for a high quality performance? (Depending on the artist and nature of performance ticket prices may vary) *
Where would you like to learn about Westlock CATS Family Series Performances? *
Are you interested in volunteering with Westlock CATS Family Series? *
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THANK YOU for completing our survey. ENTER your contact information into a DRAW and be eligible to WIN a set of family tickets (4) to our first performance (name, phone number, email)
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