YoCO Questionnaire - after the trip to Kenya
Your answers will be used to help YoCO understand what young people gain from the charity. You will in no way be personally judged on your answers to the questionnaire. This information could be used for grant applications and marketing to show the benefits of the charity.
What is your name?
What is the name of your YoCO group?
What was the main thing you learnt from going to Kenya?
What was your favourite part of the trip?
What did you find most difficult about the trip and how did you overcome that difficulty?
What skills did you acquire by volunteering in Kenya?
Has going to Kenya changed your attitude towards your school work or job? (if applicable)
No, not at all
Yes, very much
Clear selection
If so, in what way?
Are you planning on returning to Kenya in the future?
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Are you planning on continuing to volunteer in your local community?
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Any other comments:
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