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About Rebekah's Circle

Rebekah's Circle was introduced in 2019 as a new initiative investing in young adults. Rebekah's Circle will share Christ's unconditional love through accompaniment and cultivating relationships, making healthy meals, and sharing meaningful conversation.

How we do this

With you, we will take action around the themes of health, wellness, empowerment, and capacity-building. As an intergenerational initiative designed for young women from 13 through 35 years of age living in Cuyahoga County, this initiative is designed to provide Circle Gatherings of relationships. We hope to create an environment and experiences where young women will connect with peers and mentors and together all involved will experience how a safe, empathetic, compassionate Christian Community can be empowering and how mentorship, shared knowledge, and social capital can lead you to grow positive relationships with peers, family members and the community with greater social agency.

We draw upon the strength, leadership, and relationships developed by the NEOS Hunger Taskforce, UPCaM, UPCaM's student organization at Tri-C Metro Campus, Living Waters Campus Ministry and Tri-C Metro's Women in Transition initiative.

Mentor Responsibilities

Mentors are responsible for

+ Reviewing provided materials and books
+ Participating in mentor training (in person or pre-recorded)
+ Providing feedback and input
+ Attending a mentor-specific Tri-C Metro campus tour
+ Attending Circle Gatherings, and if unable giving 24-hour notice if possible)
+ Be willing to create a safe, empathetic, and compassionate environment for participants to experience Christian community, share hospitality, and support each other in the exploration of health, empowerment and capacity-building.

Mentor Mandatory Attendance
Circle Gatherings: Tuesdays September 17 - October 29
(alternating in person and online)
Mentor Training: pre-recorded downloads available
Mentor Tour: TBA
Locaiton: TBA

Do you see yourself in this positive image?

If so, we might have a seat in the circle for you!
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Time commitment: Six hours watching pre-recorded training videos, Rebekah Circle Kick-off meeting September 10, Circle Gatherings Tuesdays September 17-October 29 (alternating in person and online) Location: TBA​. Can you reasonably commit this amount of time? Please list conflicts. *
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Rebekah's Circle has a Christian heritage . We respect and strive to be inclusive of all religious identities, yet Christian prayers are often offered before meetings. Would you be comfortable in a Christian environment? *
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