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The Notes from Nature Team is very excited about WeDigBio 2021. The event will be taking place April 8-11, 2021. We are excited to work with new and existing partners and we will strive to accommodate all that want to use Notes from Nature for their event. We will provide support on a first come first serve basis. If you are planning to have an expedition up for WeDigBio, please take a moment to give us the details by March 25th.

Feel free to send specific questions to .

In order to make sure we can accommodate all institutions we request that you send us your material as soon as they are available, but no later than one week in advance of the event.
Your name and institution *
Your email contact *
Your Zooniverse username *
Date of your event *
Day and time you want your expedition launched and publicly available. *
What types of images do you plan to use for your expedition? Herbarium, pinned insects, slides, etc. *
After taking a look at the variety of expeditions currently live on which would you say closest resembles what you are looking for? For example a typical pinned insect expedtion can be found here: A typical herbarium expedition can be found here: *
NfN staff will provide general outreach materials (e.g., blogs) for the event, but it's most effective if everyone can agree to provide some small outreach for the event. Do you agree to provide some simple outreach materials to help with promotion? Examples include social media posts that we can repost from our accounts, an engaging image we can post on social media, a short blog, etc? It's also very helpful if you can like and share our posts from Facebook and Twitter! *
Will you be able to provide all necessary materials needed to build your expedition at least 1 week before your event (preferably sooner)? These materials include: 1) image set 2) expedition title 3) Zooniverse username for expedition contact 4) list of fields you want transcribed and/or current expedition that closely matches your needs* 5) outreach materials * Images must be 600kb per image or less. Image sets should contain 1-2,000 images ** Please understand that amount of customization we can provide may be limited depending on demand for this event. *
We ask for a commitment to participate on our Talk boards to answer questions about your expedition or engage with volunteers once your expedition launches and until it's complete? *
In the event that your expedition is not finished before the event, will you promise to stay engaged with NfN volunteers until your expedition is 100% complete? *
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