Community Survey
There’s been a Community Association in Maungaraki since the 1960s. Initially it was separate from a Hall committee set up in the mid 1970s, but these combined in the 1980s once the Hall was built. The focus previously has been mainly about the Hall (its bookings, maintenance and upgrades), providing regular updates to residents through the Maungaraki Views and, in previous years, an annual quiz night to raise funds for local projects. However more recently there has been a focus on public events and other matters.

We now feel it’s time to review where we are at, and how we should be operating. As technology has changed we have too, with an online website at which hosts 'The Maungaraki Views' and a Facebook page.

So what do you think we should be focussing on to support our community and what are the priorities for Maungaraki residents?

1. What changes to our suburb would most improve Maungaraki?
Your answer
2. How important is it for the Community Association (specifically) to focus on the following:
Not important at all
Not very important
Extremely important
Advocating for the Community
Beautification of Maungaraki
Holding public meetings on issues that are important to the community
Managing the community/school hall
Civil defence and building resilience for when a disaster or emergency occurs i.e. earthquake
Communicating news and activities (eg through the Maungaraki Views, Facebook page, etc)
Helping connect and support local not-for-profit groups (such as the Kindergarten, Playcentre, School, Church, Sports clubs, etc)
Advocating for drainage and other improvements of the fields by Maungaraki School
New vehicle entrance to the Community Hall and school to make it safer for children
More bus shelters
Supporting the shopping centre and other local businesses
What other things should the MCA focus on?
Your answer
Currently anyone living in Maungaraki is a member of the MCA. Would your household consider paying a small subscription to be a member of the MCA and be eligible to vote (if funds raised were used for community activities)?
Do you read the Maungaraki Views?
Have you visited the website or Facebook page?
How adequately do you feel the Hutt City Council has informed you about changes that impact Maungaraki (e.g. speed limit changes, new bus timetables, Stratton Street bike park, etc)?
How did you come across this survey?
Any other comments or thoughts about the MCA or Maungaraki?
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