Belleza Mesh Creator Application & Agreement
Please complete the following form if you would like to apply to work with the Belleza Mesh Bodies.

Be sure to read our agreement carefully before agreeing to it as we take our policy very seriously. We are going to be carefully selecting applicants and expect you to take that into consideration.

Felicity Blumenthal will be reviewing all applications and she is the only person you should contact if you have any questions or concerns. Be aware not all applicants will be accepted but we will review each and every submission.

**We have a standard clothing applier developer kit available in the store for those of you whom are interested in making appliers. This form is solely for creators who wish to work with our 3d files.

*Please allow for 2 weeks from the time of your application submission for us to review and get back to you about your application.

*As we anticipate there will be many creators applying we will not be able to respond to everyone. We will both email and leave you a message in Second Life if your application has been approved (again, within 2 weeks time of your submission).

*You must be an active creator in Second Life and fill out your form completely, any incomplete forms will be ignored.
Second Life Store Name: *
Second Life Creator Name: *
Second Life Contact Name (if other than creator):
Email Address: *
Second Life Store SLURL:
Second Life Marketplace Store:
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Which Developer Kit are you requesting? *
*If you plan to create for more than one of the below please fill out an application for each selection.
Belleza Skins/Tricky Boucher is the owner and creator of the Belleza Mesh Body. In accordance with this Agreement, Tricky Boucher grants a non-exclusive license to Create Clothing, Shoes and Appliers to be used with the Belleza Mesh Body. Tricky Boucher retains title and ownership of the Belleza Mesh Body and does not grant any other use of the object or files associated with it. Licensee may not modify or change the Belleza Mesh Body in any manner, or redistribute it in any form. This agreement is not modifiable or transferable. *
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