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The Faith Formation Program (FF) offers children, youth, and even adults a chance to nurture their Unitarian Universalist identity through interest-based classes. Each month, our classes are planned to coincide with the worship theme by our Director of Religious Education, Jenn Blosser.

When you arrive on Sunday, please see the far right table in the Narthex to register your child/youth or yourself for one of our classes. On any given Sunday, there are usually two options offered, one which is more focused on reflection and discussion and another which offers more opportunities for hands-on and active learning. It's absolutely fine to change your mind about which class to join, but please check in with the facilitators for both classes to explain your switch so they are not confused by the registration forms.

At noon, please escort your children or youth to their classrooms. Youth 14+ may be unattended. When classes end at 1p, youth 14+ will be dismissed to their families while all other children and youth are to be collected at the playground. Please be prompt in collecting your children and youth.

Monthly, we will be offering opportunities for our children and youth to bond in cohorts. These groups are know as:
SPARK (ages 5 - 9)
IGNITE (ages 10 - 13)
BURN (ages 14 - 18)

For children age 0 - 4, the nursery is open from 9a - 2p so that families can participate in various programs before or after service.

Please complete the following application for each child/youth attending our programming separately.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please email Jenn Blosser:

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Faith Formation Safety Policy / Behavior Guidelines for Children / Youth
Safety Policy

To ensure the safety of all program participants, no one may possess any of the following during program activities: weapons of any kinds, fire producing materials, fireworks including cherry and smoke bombs, illegal drugs, cigarettes, and sexually explicit materials not used as part of the curriculum.

To ensure safety of all program participants, no one may engage in the following: violent behavior toward self or others, inappropriate sexual behavior, threats or threatening behavior, leaving supervised areas without approval of teacher or parent (classrooms, playground, church buildings, gardens), or destruction of personal or church property.

Behavior Guidelines Based on the Seven Unitarian Universalist Principles

1. We believe that every person is important thus safety is our first concern. Children remain in classrooms or supervised areas until picked up by parents, engage in gentle play, treat everyone with respect and use caring language and behavior.
2. We believe that all people should be treated fairly and kindly. Children in our program listen and follow directions, are polite, take turns and care about one another.
3. We believe that we should accept one another and keep on learning together. We ask children to make a commitment to regular attendance. Your friends and teachers depend on you. Please bring friends with you.
4. We believe that each person is free to search for what is true and right in life. Children in our program share their ideas and respect the ideas of others.
5. We believe everyone has the right to speak out and vote about what concerns them. Please express your opinions constructively and respect the decisions of the group.
6. We believe in working for a peaceful, fair and free world. Children in our program ask for help when they need it. They do their best to get along with others and be helpful. They are willing to listen to reminders about behavior.
7. We believe in caring for our planet earth, the home we share with all living things. Together we take good care of our church. We help clean up, and we are careful with our space, furniture and materials We use only what we need and expect all to be gentle with the plants and animals.

These guidelines can be stated in the following short form that students and teachers post in each classroom and discuss periodically:

Respect yourself and each other.
Raise your hand to be recognized.
Listen quietly when another person is talking.
Make only positive comments about others.
Use indoor voices.
Recognize each person’s personal space and control your own body.
Follow teacher’s first request.
Know that you can “pass” during discussion.
Remain in the group during all activities.

Please affirm that you have read the above with your child / youth: *
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