L-K CISD Facilities Survey
Though the L-K Maintenance Bond failed, we still have existing needs that should be addressed. In order to follow a plan that you will support we need your feedback. Please complete the survey below. Let us know if you have questions. Thank you for your help and support in our attempts to provide a great education for our students in a safe, friendly, and inviting environment.
1. The proposed L-K bond was for 7.9 million which equated to a tax increase of .28 cents. We have heard that some were opposed to the proposal because it only provided for temporary “fixes” and did not address the overall needs of the district. Would you support a plan that consolidated 2 or potentially all 3 campuses to one site even if this meant the overall expense would be quite a bit more than the 7.9 million/.28 that was asked for? *
2. Do you feel like the district should pay for all facility upgrades and therefore would not support any bond at all even a small one? *
3. If you were to support a bond, how much, in your opinion should it be for, assuming of course the projects were proposed in an agreeable and reasonable matter? *
4. Would you support a bond that includes extra curricular programs? For example, band, athletics, ag. etc.? *
5. What areas of L-KCISD facilities would you be most interested in addressing regardless of funding source? (school budget or bond program) Please list all areas that you would like addressed.
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