The Bands of Wando
Volunteering is so rewarding! The time and talents of our band family are essential to the success of the Wando Band Program under the leadership of the Wando Band directors and supported by the Wando Band Boosters. You are part of that family now. Let the directors and Board know about your talents, expertise, hobbies so that you might contribute in a way that will help engage you in the Wando Band program.

When the band needs help, the database generated by this form will be an amazing resource for our Wando Band Program. Information contributed by you by this form will only be accessible by the Wando Band Directors and Wando Band Booster Board.

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We invite help from everyone who loves music and the Band Program!
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Often, your profession can play directly into support for the Band Program!
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What else can you contribute that we forgot to ask?
Hauling a trailer? Connections to Donors? Insight? Creative solutions?
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Many hands make light work...PLUS, you get to meet the families of your student's friends. Want to know what you kid is into??? Know their friends!!!! And their families!!
What Band Booster committee jobs would you be interested in. Check all that apply.
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