Mentor Completion and Grade Form
Once your Ray-Pec student has finished his/her project, please complete the following:
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Did the student complete 25 hours dedicated to his/her project outside of school hours (before 7:25 am or after 2:46 pm on school days or any hours on weekends or on days when school was not in session)? *
Considering their commitment, communication, and quality of the final product, I would assign the student the following grade. (This grade will make up about 10% of the student's final senior project grade) Use descriptions as guidelines, but feel free to give the grade you feel represents the student's project best regardless of description. *
Students will see their grade but you can choose to keep your comments confidential and only the classroom teacher will see them *
Why did you give the student the grade you chose?
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How did the student apply the 5 soft skills , including but not limited to collaborating and communicating with others, using innovative thinking, demonstrating the ability to create and adapt to change, using decision making skills, and presenting information? *
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How did the student take a leadership role in the project (perhaps not applicable for job shadowing or some volunteer opportunities)?
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How did the student "stretch" beyond his or her normal everyday activities? *
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Thank you again for agreeing to mentor a senior student. Please let the teacher know anything else you think is necessary here.
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