Rocky Mountain Rugby Board Nominations Form
Full members may nominate candidates for any Office by written notice (Nominations Form) to the Executive Committee no later than Thursday, May 6, 2021. If there is no candidate for an Office, as reflected in the agenda for the Annual General Meeting, nominations for such Office may be made at the meeting.
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Note: Your club must be in good standing in order to nominate an officer.
Chair of the Board
Note: this position is restricted to existing officers, per the RMR bylaws
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Vice-President (Operations) / Vice-President
Note: this position was recently vacated and an existing RMR Board member may be nominated for the position, which would open an alternate position. If a current Board member were to be nominated and voted into this position, candidates for this position may also be considered for the position a current Board member is leaving. Example: If the Secretary / VP of Comms becomes the VP / VP of Operations, nominees for this position would also be accepted for the Secretary / VP of Comms role.
Vice-President (Communications) / Secretary
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Board Member At-Large
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