SWD Partners In Education Program (P.I.E.) Agreement
Southwest DeKalb High School
2863 Kelly Chapel Road
Decatur, Georgia 30034
(678) 874-1901
“We are Southwest DeKalb: Superior Balance between Academics, Athletics, School Pride and Community Engagement”

Dear Potential Partner:

You are cordially invited to partner with Southwest DeKalb High School in its Partners in Education (P.I.E.) program to make a difference in our academic and extra-curricular programs. Our Partners in Education Program is a special program designed to bring together Southwest DeKalb High School (SWD) families, organizations and businesses to enhance the academic and extra-curricular endeavors of our students by providing volunteer support, extra funding, and unique services. The objective of the Partners in Education is to improve the overall learning environment of our students so that they in turn will become productive citizens here, at home, and in our global economy.

If you decide to join our civic, non-profit, small and large business partners in providing volunteers, services, scholarships, supplies, equipment and monetary donations, your participation will include the following:

 Improved education and understanding of a relentless potential work force.

 Enhancement of your company/organization’s public relations through recognition of your presence, and endeavors as a Partner in Education.

 Awareness of SWD’s untapped vital resources, and their contributions to the economic stability of the community at large.

 Recognition of your company/organization’s participation in SWD’s Partners in Education Program.
Please complete the agreement form for your participation by providing your full name, company/organization’s official name, address, telephone number, email address, social media handles and links to your company or organization on internet.
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I voluntarily agree to enter into a partnership with Southwest DeKalb High School by joining and participating in its Partners in Education Program. I understand by entering this agreement that I am committing to participating in the Partners in Education at Southwest DeKalb High School by being present at least once a semester at school sponsored events or activities. Further, I agree when possible to volunteer, providing services, scholarships, supplies, equipment and/or monetary donations. *
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Thank you for participating in the SWD Partner In Education (P.I.E.) Program!
“Embrace the Good Traditions...We are Southwest DeKalb: Superior Balance between Academics, Athletics, School Pride and Community Engagement”
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