The Alive Center Student Advisory Board Application
The Alive Center is a nonprofit organization that provides a welcoming, safe place for Naperville teens to gather and have fun in a values-driven environment. Teen opinions, passions, and needs are essential to Alive, and the Student Advisory Board is the foundation and heart of everything we do with our Alive teen program. Our Student Advisory Board is a working board; they organize into committees to see programs and events through from conception to fruition. The staff at Alive supports them in their work with mentoring and guidance, but the teens are doing the majority of the work to see that their passions and ideas are realized. Our Student Advisory Board makes a real impact on the organization and on the community through their work.

We are looking for a diverse group of young leaders that will accurately reflect the interests and values of their peers, friends, and teammates. Members of the Student Advisory Board should be driven and passionate about a value-focused environment for teens. The Alive Center is all about teens building relationships so we are looking for individuals with strong compassion for their peers and their community.

Student Advisory Board Responsibilities
- Attend all of the Student Board Meetings in the space – 500 W. 5th Ave –twice a month, Monday evenings from 7-8:30 PM (up to 3 absences allowed)
- Actively participate on the board via a board position or committee
- Attend at least one of the Alive sponsored events per month
- Attend major fundraising events
- Promote Alive and the Alive Teen Program to your school and friends
- Plan, promote and run Alive programs, events and special initiatives

Applicant Requirements
- Must be in or going into high school in the fall of 2019
- Must submit an application and letter of recommendation from an adult (other than a parent or relative) who knows the applicant well.
- Must serve a one-year term, beginning in May.
- Will adhere to a zero tolerance policy regarding drugs, alcohol, weapons, and other illegal substances.
- Willing and able to commit time and efforts to us (could be from 2-10 hours a week, depending on the applicants role and time of upcoming events/activities)

- Fill out this application and email the reference letter to
- Alive will contact chosen applicants for interviews to be scheduled in Mid-March.
- Applications are DUE no later than March 18, 2019.

Questions can be directed to Jared Mason at

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The following 2 questions are optional. In an effort to create a diverse board that appropriately represents the full range of our Naperville community, we like to collect the following data:
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Student Board Commitment
My parent(s)/guardian(s) and I understand that by being on the Alive Student Advisory Board I am agreeing to a one-year commitment. I understand that the Alive Student Advisory Board will meet every second and fourth Monday each month at the Alive Center – 500 W. 5th Avenue. In addition to these meetings I understand that there may be additional projects and group activities that the board must participate. I also agree to abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. I will promote the Alive Center as a supportive place, where every member is listened to, respected and valued in a safe and friendly environment.
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