KAT Token Swap Bonus - Sign Up form
In order to facilitate adoption of both Binance Chain and KAT, we are offering our community a 10% bonus for swapping their KAT from ERC20 over to our newly minted BEP2 KAT. The swap bonus will begin August 15th at and conclude on October 15th at 8 PM PST (UTC-7). This sign-up form is for members who had previously made the swap to collect their bonus.

- Fill in all the information required below.
- Please be sure to provide us the same email you used to register on app.kambria.io
- Provide total number of tokens swapped and corresponding TxIDs.
- Bonus KAT-7BB will be distributed to your reported BNB wallet(s) at the conclusion of the swap bonus program.
Please provide the same email address you used to register your account on app.kambria.io *
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How many KAT tokens did you swap? *
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Please provide corresponding transaction IDs. Total amounts in TxIDs should add up to the number of swapped KAT tokens reported above. *
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We value our community. Please take a moment to provide us some feedback, positive or negative, and let us know how we're doing. Thank you!
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