Waiting List Application Form - Dalby Beck Street Kindergarten
This form is a waiting list application form only. Dalby Beck Street Kindergarten does not have a sibling policy; please submit a separate form for each child. Enrolment offers are made in term 3 the year before kindy starts.
Child Information
First Name *
Surname *
Address *
Date of Birth *
Gender *
Year of Attendance (child turns 4 by June 30) *
Would you be interested in your child attending the year prior to their eligible kindy year? Priority is given to eligible kindy aged children first. Younger children (over 3 years old) may be invited to attend at the Director's discretion once the eligible kindy aged enrolments are complete. *
Do you have a Health Care Card (naming the enrolling child), Pensioner Concession Card or identify your child as Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or Australian South Sea Islander descent? *
Are you aware of any additional needs your child may require during his/her enrolment? *
If yes or maybe, please describe briefly. This information is requested to assist us with long term planning for successful inclusion of the child. The information WILL NOT be used to deny or delay enrolment of the child involved.
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