Lesson Five -- CyberNations Warfare
Warfare is one of the more exciting parts of CyberNations. However, to be able to fight effectively in war, you must know the basics of warfare in CyberNations.

Speaking of war, CyberNations also sponsors a version known as a Tournament Edition, which is entirely dedicated to fighting. You can sign up for Tournament Edition with a separate nation and not affect your nation in the Standard Edition. We encourage all members to sign up for Tournament Edition to gain experience in CyberNations warfare. Plus, it’s fun!

Tournament Edition resources are available on NATO’s Discord server. You will have access to these resources following graduation. We can't wait to see you there!

Having said that, take a look at the following guides to answer the questions in this lesson:

Basic War Preparation Guide: http://cnnato.org/thread-7345.html
Quickie War Guide: http://cnnato.org/thread-9725.html
Warchest Guide: http://cnnato.org/thread-4209.html

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