MNWT Website Scavenger Hunt
Submit this by August 31; if everything is correct, your name will be displayed at the Fall State Project Fair, and you will be put into the basket drawing which will be awarded at the Fall State Business Meeting. The Web Team will verify all responses.
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What is the Minnesota Women of Today's website URL? *
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List the path you took to find the Statewide Committees. *
A "path" is the clicks you need to take; for example, one path to find the Fall State Convention would be: events > Fall State. Paths may vary, but if we can follow your path and we get to where we need to go, that works!
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Submit the following according to the position you may hold. *
Check the box(es) that apply to yourself and perform the action(s) listed.
What is your chapter's official email address? Who in your chapter checks this email's inbox? *
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Send an email to your chapter, and CC your district director and the webmaster. *
Enter the date you sent the email.
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What is the Chapter Service Center's phone number and address? *
Tell us the path you took to find this information.
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What is the quote on the Member Home Page? *
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On the MNWT History page, there is a photo; who is the 3rd person from the right in the 2nd row? *
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What is the CC SPM's name, theme, and the challenge listed in her MNJOTS CIP? *
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List two of the Online Training Videos you can find on the website. *
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