Help Validate the Vote in North Carolina
End of Election Night Poll Tape Collection Project

On election night, as soon as the last voter leaves the precinct, any member of the public may enter the voting enclosure (building) and observe the precinct scanner tabulating the vote totals.

North Carolina General Statutes
§ 163-182.2. Initial counting of official ballots.
(3) Any member of the public wishing to witness the vote count at any level shall be allowed to do so.

The precinct scanner will generate multiple copies of a poll tape. That tape has all the vote totals from election day, including the number of over-votes, under-votes, etc. It looks like a long cash register receipt. Along with the poll tape, the scanner also has a USB stick that contains the vote totals. Sometimes errors occur when the USB stick containing vote totals is loaded onto the central tabulator at the county Board of Elections building later that night.

Hacking, computer glitches, or even bugs can alter the vote totals. The public gains confidence in the outcome when we are able to verify the vote count -- to photograph/video the poll tape and compare that with the totals the county reports.

Please sign up to volunteer to collect an image of the poll tape at your precinct on election night. Closer to election day, you will receive instructions on how to image the tape and where to send it. It doesn't take much time, but will make a big impact in verifying the vote. We are also looking for volunteers can help by comparing the totals on the tape to what is reported at the county BOE.

Thank you for being part of this important election transparency project.
These are the peoples' elections and we need your help to verify the results.

Thank you!
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Thank you! If you have any questions about the project, please use the space below. You may also send any questions to Lynn: TransparentElectionsNC<at>
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