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Facility Use Rules, Regulations and Fees
The Consistory encourages the use of church facilities by its member groups and recognized civic community organizations within the limits of the church’s ability to provide resources and services and in accordance with the church’s principles and Creation Care Priorities. All requests for use of facilities must be made through the church office at least two weeks in advance of the desired date of use. All groups and organizations must complete a Facilities Use Form and provide a Certificate of Insurance if appropriate and as noted below.

Facilities of the church are available, subject to the following regulations:

1. Utilization of the recycle, compost and waste receptacles according to signage.
2. Use of the church’s reusable/washable dinnerware is preferred and available at no cost; use of compostable dinnerware is next best and is available from the church at cost or may be provided by the group or organization; recyclable plastic dinnerware is permitted provided it is recycled according to signage; styrofoam of any kind is not permitted.
3. The beliefs and practices of the organization must not be discriminatory or contrary to the spirit of the church or the laws of the community, state, or nation. Organizations agree to abide by the policies of the church when using the facilities.
4. Wine and beer may be served at church events if a member of the staff is present. Wine, beer, and other alcohol may be served at catered events at the church by a caterer that is appropriately licensed.
5. Demonstrations may not be conducted with fire, explosives, firearms or weapons of any kind, or caustic or volatile materials or any other materials that may be dangerous to life or property.
6. Smoking and/or illegal drug use is not allowed on the premises.
7. Gambling of any kind shall not be permitted.
8. Displays shall not be affixed to any building surface.
9. Adequate adult supervision must be provided for children and youth using church facilities.The congregation’s Child Abuse Prevention Policies must be observed.
10. Organizations using church facilities will assume full responsibility for damage done during their occupancy of the facilities and will be expected to reimburse the church for repairs or unusual cleaning.
11. Special permission will be required from the Coordinator of Music and/or the Senior Minister for use of church musical instruments.
12. Outside groups not directly sponsored by FRC using church facilities are required to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance showing insurance coverage for their members during the time that their group meets at First Reformed Church. This certificate should provide a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance protection. This provision does not apply to events connected to weddings or funerals held at the church.

Event Location Non Member Member Accommodations
Wedding Sanctuary $1,000 $300 300+
Poling Chapel $300 0 80
Funeral Sanctuary $625 $125 300+
Poling Chapel $525 0 80
Rooms (3hrs) Dirck Romeyn Room $100 $50 35
Friendship Hall $200 $100 150+
Meeting Rooms $80 $40 6-20
Poling Chapel $200 $100 80
Covenant Hall (contact church office) 200+
Sanctuary $300 $200 300+
Mohawk House Lunn $80 $40 25
Mohawk House Pres $80 $40 10
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