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> We are a vast community of Industrial Experts/Mentors, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Technocrats, Makers, Hobbyist, and Young Innovators.
> We are guiding students and dynamic entrepreneurs who have a single motive to make a change in this world with their ideas, passion and products. We provide counselling right from Technical aspects to the Management aspects to leverage your idea to its implementation stage.
> We have an ecosystem of Self-learning where-in you can learn on your own and we make sure you do! If at all you stop anywhere, don’t worry, we have got your back covered! We believe in Fail first but fail Fast!
> Do you want to learn & make project on the hot topics like IoT, Robotics, Automation, AI, Machine Learning, Chat-Bots, AR/VR, etc?
> Would you like to learn, re-learn, un-learn and work hands-on with your project ‘SOLELY BY YOURSELF’?
> Are you interested in receiving suggestions from professional industrial experts on your work?
> Are you ready to learn yourself as well as contribute your time and talent in educating and helping other students with their projects?
> If your answer to any of the above question is yes, then Yuvalay ELab is the place for young, energetic, super enthusiastic, creative, innovative makers like you.
> We are sure that you would be visiting the lab and use its resources efficiently to innovate and stand out of the crowd as an extra ordinary talent.
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