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Rules & regulations
1. It is obligatory to attend 80% classes to appear in exams, MQI-Norway has a right to terminate candidate in case of less attendance and violations of other rules.
2. All dues paid to COSIS are non-refundable, i.e. registration fee, examination fee, thesis fee or degree fee etc.
3. Students whose names were dropped or struck off from the rolls of College due to shortage of lectures or non-payment of dues or poor performance or non-appearance in examination etc., in the annual system, shall not be granted readmission without the permission of admission committee.
4. MQI-Norway has a right to suspend any candidate, who missed two subject tests, shall not be granted readmission without the permission of the admission committee.
5. Admission committee consists on Director, Sec Gen MQI-Norway and one academic staff.
6. Candidate must have listening, reading and writing skill of Urdu or English.
7. Minhaj University Lahore has full authority to change any rule / subject outline or curriculum according to requirement / circumstances.
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