T.H.E. Leadership Academy's Lion King Kids Registration
Rehearsals will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays 2:30pm - 3:30pm in the MPR.
Rehearsals begin October 15th.
Performance will be just before Spring Break in March. We're still working on the exact date and location.
If you have any questions please email the director, Mrs. Clark, at mclark@luminaryarts.org
Thank you!
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I hereby give permission for my child to participate in after-school Lion King KIDS rehearsals. I understand that Luminary Arts staff do not have the ability to stay late, so I agree to pick up my child promptly at the end of rehearsal (unless alternative after school childcare is arranged). I hereby hold harmless T.H.E. Leadership Academy, VUSD, Luminary Arts, and all Luminary staff. (Please type your full name for agreement) *
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Rules and Expectations
I have read and understand the following rules and expectations:
1. Success is built on a foundation of respect and courtesy.
2. As cast members, we want you to enjoy performing in a safe and fun environment.
3. To be successful, you must agree to the following; Attend all scheduled rehearsals and performances, unless there is an illness or an emergency.
4. Be on time! We have very limited time to practice, so every minute counts.
5. We start promptly. Don’t be late!
6. Use the restroom before rehearsal begins.
7. If you have an emergency, raise your hand to talk to a parent volunteer.
8. Listen and follow directions at all times.
9. This includes any instruction from the director, accompanist, or adult in charge.
10. Rude behavior will not be tolerated; this includes socializing while the director is giving instructions.
11. Gum, candy, food and drink, other than water, are not allowed during rehearsal.
12. Any snacks must be consumed before rehearsal.
13. Water must be in non-spillable containers.
14. Work hard to memorize song lyrics and lines and practice at home.
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