Intent to Enroll for Fall 2022 : Choice Education Network, Inc
Please let our administration know if you intend to enroll for our Fall 2022 NETWORK DAYS Programs. Next year we are offering TWO Network Day opportunities:

TUESDAY: K-8 Students only with limited enrollment - Less than 100 spots.
THURSDAY: K4-12 Students. Up to 200 spots.

Week 1: Week of August 30/Sept 1
Break Week: Week of October 10th
Thanksgiving Break: NO CLASSES Week of November 21st
Week 12: Week of December 3rd - "Celebrations" week, pot luck, service projects, talent shows, etc.

There is no fee to submit this form.  Completing the Intent to Enroll does NOT equal enrollment into our programs, nor does it guarantee a place on our rosters. This form is used to base interest and insure adequate teachers/classes are available for the anticipated enrollment.  Intent to enroll is also NOT a contract on the applicant's part and is not a promise or guarantee to Choice Education Network, Inc for enrollment.

*** Pending renovation completion at Elmdale Baptist Church**
Week 12 might extend to December 6th/8th IF we are unable to start classes until after Labor Day weekend.
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How did you hear about us? *
Are you on our BAND APP? Band app is required of all members as this is the ONLY communication method used outside of assemblies and general information on websites and social media. Only "public information" is shared via website and social media. All activities, committees and network communications are posted on Band.  BAND APP can be accessed via smart phone or any device with internet access. It is free and available to all participants ages 13+ *
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Which Network Day program are you interested in participating? *
What are the ages of students that would potentially be on campus? (Click ALL ages that will be on campus regardless of enrollment). *
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Please explain more the types of classes you're looking for and for which grade levels. (i.e: high school science units; math support for middle school, exploratory science for kindergarten, etc) *
Are you interested in becoming a TEACHER/Co-Teacher for Fall 2022? All teachers must interview with the Network Director and complete all required documentation - see our Network Day "how it works" page at for basic information and requirements. *
If you are interested in teaching, what ages and subjects are you willing to teach? Do you have curriculum you enjoy or will you need curriculum provided?
Please acknowledge here that you understand there are THREE "HOT TOPICS" or "NO ZONES" that are to be AVOIDED on campus: Discussion on Sexuality, Politics and Religious Doctrine are never to be initiated by adults on campus and must respectfully be redirected back to the home if brought up by students.  Choice Education Network, Inc is a conservative organization working to preserve traditional family values and character development. The "Golden Rule" applies at all times to all ages.  Formally enrolling into Choice Education Network, Inc. sponsored events and classes assumes participants agree to these terms. Please read our guidelines found in our FAQs section at  for full disclosure on policies and guidelines. Enrollment is open to ALL who agree to our participation terms. NO statements of faith or declaration of faith is required to participate OR teach at Choice Education Network, Inc. *
At this time, how sure are you that you'll be registering for classes? *
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