Private Lesson Reservation
•Individual study with a specialist on the student’s instrument is vital to ensure development and continuity of proper playing habits. Although private study is not required, we strongly recommend it as a means of achieving greater musical growth for all students.
Private lessons are $20.00** for one 25 minute lesson each week. Billing and payment for the lessons will be arranged with the individual lesson teacher. These lessons are usually taught during the student’s orchestra class or before/after school (if possible). Some lesson teachers also have time available at their home studio. If you are interested, please contact your director.
•M.M.S.O. is fortunate to be able to offer our students a highly qualified faculty from whom private lessons are available. Each faculty member is interviewed, auditioned, and approved by P.I.S.D., and is an authority on his or her own instrument.

Student’s responsibility to the lesson teacher:
•Be fully prepared for each lesson.
•Instructor’s guidelines as to practice must be followed.
•Supply method books and other materials as required by the lesson teacher.
•Students will be able to participate in activities related to their private lessons.

It will be the responsibility of the student to notify his/her lesson instructor at least 24 hours in advance if a lesson is to be cancelled unless in the case of an emergency. A two week notification should be provided in the event lessons must be terminated. Please make an effort to plan for lessons to be a year long commitment. This is a courtesy which is also the responsibility of the lesson instructor if a lesson must be cancelled.

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