Current 6th grade EAST Application (not for current EAST students)
Environmental and Spatial Technology A student- led project based class.

EAST is a class unlike any other. It is a class that allows you to work and learn on your own. This means you have to decide that you want to do it. If you would enjoy deciding what you learn and solving problems in the community around you using professional software. This is the class for you! You can code, build video games, apps, learn photography, mapping, video skills, speaking skills and so much more! We have over $250,000 of tech for you to try. We need many different personalities and interest to make our program GREAT!

Remember this is a questionnaire for your opinion. There are no WRONG answers! Answering 10 is not the necessarily the best answer.
Email address *
First Name *
Last Name
What does Service mean to you? *
What would you do if a classmate is having trouble with an assignment? *
I enjoy working hard *
I don' t like working
I am happy when I work
Why should you be considered as a Hellstern EAST student? *
As an EAST student how do you think you can help your school and your community? *
I enjoy technology *
no it's not my thing I like people
I would sit with just a computer all day
You are put in a group with three total strangers. How do you respond? *
What is one word you would use to describe your personality? *
I take responsibility for my own learning. *
Never, I always need guidance
Always. I want to do it myself
How would it help you to be in EAST? *
I collaborate/work in a team well *
Love it
I enjoy learning new things *
Love it
What was the last thing you taught yourself to do? *
I get passionate about things *
I love to speak in public *
I am a problem solver *
Whats wrong I will fix it!
Site three adults and emails who would recommend you for EAST. One must be a teacher (No relatives). *
I have been an EAST student *
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