2018-2019 Reedy Golf Uniform/Equipment Contract
I, the undersigned parent (or legal guardian) and student athlete, hereby agree and acknowledge that this contract will be given to all student athletes who will be participating on the Reedy High School Golf Team.

Once uniforms and/or equipment are issued to the student athlete, it becomes the responsibility of the athlete to take proper care of the uniform and equipment. All tournament day uniforms will be given to the coaches the day of/after a tournament to be washed by the coaches (not the players). All workout uniforms will be the responsibility of all golfers to wash and take care of until the conclusion of the year. At the conclusion of the year, the coach will collect all uniforms and equipment issued. Athletes will be charged for lost uniforms or equipment. Any uniform or equipment returned in unsatisfactory condition also becomes the responsibility of the athlete, including but not limited to ripped, broken, deformed, or discolored.

The following actions will occur if uniforms and equipment are returned in unsatisfactory condition.
1. The athlete and/or parents will replace the item(s). Due to singular replacement cost, the cost of these items may exceed the original cost.
2. The athlete will not be allowed to participate in the next golf season until money has been collected.
3. If this occurs during the 6th six weeks, report cards/exams may be held until equipment is turned in, or paid for, by the student athlete. Senior transcript requests will not be processed unless all athletic items issued have been returned.

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