First, we would like to say thank you for choosing us. For your information, our instructor will guide you for the entire course and normally will spend longer hours for those student with zero knowledge in coffee without further charge as long as you are comfortable with the long training hours. Our class will start at 11 am for both day and probably will end at 7.00 pm.

<<Course Content>>
1. Coffee Roasting
2. Introduction To Coffee
3. Coffee Bean
4. The Coffee Brewing Control Chart
5. Grinding & Brewing
6. Sensory Calibration
7. Brewing Techniques (Syphon, Cold Drip, Hand Pour, Nitro Brew, Aeropress, French Press & Moka Cup)
8. Coffee Cupping
9. Financial Management

<<Course Fees>>
Roasting & Brewing Pro
Normal price: RM700
Early bird: RM490

Roasting & Brewing Pro Double Certificate (Roasting & Brewing Pro and SCA Brewing Foundation Certificate)
Normal price: RM1450
Early bird: RM1165

<<Venue & Time >>
Big Three Academy (Puchong)
11.00 am - 7.30 pm

All transfers must be in Ringgit Malaysia. In order to secure your registration, FULL PAYMENT need to be made within 3 WORKING DAYS after registration.
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