A Survey About Physics
This is just a brief survey about physics that I created for my research paper. Thank you for your time!
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On a scale from one to five, how interested are you in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)? *
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On a scale from one to five, how would you rate your general knowledge of science? *
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Do you stay up to date with news and discoveries in science? *
Do you pursue scientific topics or look up scientific ideas on a daily basis? *
Do you like physics? *
Do you know about the four fundamental forces? *
Do you know anything about quantum mechanics or relativity? *
Have you ever heard of a Grand Unified Theory, a Theory of Everything, or String Theory? *
If you answered yes to the last question, could you briefly explain where you heard of those concepts?
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Do you think that a Theory of Everything is something that is important and should be researched? *
Do you think that something is worth working on even if it has no practical result or discernible purpose? *
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