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Our growing collection of real stories from across the state highlights the needs Minnesotans have for a transportation system that benefits us all. We need you stories and testimonies to fight for funding for transit in the state.

Thank you so much for submitting your own story below! Please send a good quality photo and/or video that we can use with your story to:

Our transportation system affects real people every day. How have you been impacted by the transportation options in your community? Why do you support new investments in transportation? What are your hopes for the future? Share your own story today! Share your own story today! (50-100 WORDS) *
I grant Move Minnesota and any of their agents and assignees permission to use my name and likeness, including photographic, video, and audio recordings, without payment or other consideration as they see fit. Move Minnesota may publish, distribute, exhibit, and edit these materials, in perpetuity, for the purposes of marketing, publicity, advertising, education, and news production. *
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