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Personal Training Services & Rates
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Private Small Group Personal Training - 60mins Only - Weekly
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Semi Private Group (2-6) Personal Training, - 60mins sessions - 10 sessions
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But what is semi-private group training?
You attend any available 1hr session along with other people you may or may not know.

There will be a maximum of 6 people in attendance during these sessions.

You will go through your own program that I coached you through during your first 2 private sessions.

Throughout the group sessions I will privately coach each person of equal time through various parts
of your program (approx 10mins each or more).

From time to time you will come together to do a group activity, game, challenge, or race.
Any session cancelled with-in 24hrs of the booked session is forfeited with the full fee payable.

If I need to cancel for any reason, there is no charge and I will endeavour to give as much notice as
Terms and conditions
Payment may be made through the following means and at the agreed rate specified for each term, - cash, cheque, or
electronic transfer to the bank account listed below

Weekly sessions to be paid on the day or prior to the session. Any missed weeks need to be caught up or made up the weeks
in advance or the weeks following, or can be cancelled by arrangement.

Any out-standing fees will attract a late payment fee of 5% added monthly. Any A/P dishonour fees and debt collection fees
will be passed on to the client

Early program cancellation for unplanned reasons is negotiable with acceptance from Nigel Burgess, with complete payment
of fees up to the end of the current complete coaching cycle (Weekly or 4-weekly)

Nigel Burgess reserves the right to cancel any or all coaching services with the client, especially due to out-standing debts

Bank details; Born 2 Live Limited
BNZ Bank – Nelson
02-0704-0039413-00 (please reference your full name and length of session)
Pre Exercise Questionnaire
Have you had any of the following? *
Any other unlisted conditions?
Are you taking any medication or health/nutritional supplements? *
Please explain current or previous injuries
What is your primary reason that you are requesting coaching for?
What and when are your goal events/competitions?
Briefly describe your training and exercise history and completed events (where applicable)?
How did you hear about my coaching / training services? *
Contract Acceptance & Consent
I acknowledge, to the best of my ability, that I am in good health and have no known medical problems
that would restrict my ability to participate in this program. I assume with full knowledge the dangers
in my participation in fitness activities and do so at my own risk .
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