2018-2019 Wayzata Destination Imagination Team Training Registration
Team workshops are encouraged, but optional!

Wayzata DI registration fee includes the Team Manager Training and TWO of the following team trainings: one team Instant Challenge Workshop, Technical Workshop or one Structure/Engineering workshop for teams doing the Engineering Challenge. If your team wants to attend more than two team trainings, you would have to pay for it on your own.

You will receive a confirmation email from MNDI shortly before the trainings.

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Instant Challenge Team Workshops (Grades 3-12)
Instant Challenge Workshops: These half-day workshops for Teams and Team Managers will give you BOTH the opportunity to practice several instant challenges. Demystify Instant Challenge! Your team will engage in a round robin intensive IC session. Observe different creative strategies and techniques for solving all different types of ICs, and boost your confidence in this hands-on, FUN workshop! Led by experienced Team Managers, Challenge Masters, IC Appraisers, and long-time DI’ers, your team will leave feeling on top of ICs!

All the Instant Challenge Workshops will have the same exact ICs so you can plan to attend only one. The fee for the Improv Workshops (Brave New Workshop) is not included in your Wayzata DI registration fee if you choose to attend one.

Register for ONLY ONE Instant Challenge Workshop. The Instant Challenges are the same at each workshop.
Early Learning/Rising Stars IC Circus (Pre-K - Grade 2): Instant Challenge CANCELED due to low registration
Instant Challenge practice for our early learners! A fun hands-on morning for our Rising DI Stars teams! All teams must be accompanied by a team manager. Register for only one session.
Engineering/Structure Challenge Workshops
Only for teams doing the Engineering Challenge (Monster Effects). They will cover all the basics, including how to test a structure, what to expect at weigh-in, how scoring a structure works, understanding materials and a little bit of everything that will be helpful to newer teams to the challenge. Please choose one session.
Technical Workshop for Teams CANCELED due to low registration.
This session will give teams hands-on experience with all kinds of tools and gizmos, focusing on developing some skills and familiarity with tools and safety, woodworking, basic electronics and simple machines.
Another Opportunity: Improv Boot Camps by Brave New Workshop
The Brave New Workshop offers Improv Boot Camp workshops for grades 3-12. Amp your Instant Challenge and Team Challenge solutions with your improv skills! Dates are: January 5, 12 or 19. If you are interested, you need to register at www.bravenewworkshop.com. Spots fill up quickly so register soon! Location is Brave New Workshop Student Union, 727 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis. The registration fee for these improv workshops is not paid through Wayzata DI.
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