The LEARN TO CREATE (L2C) partnership invites you to participate in a survey into Work-Based Learning in the Europe’s Creative and Cultural Industries.

L2C is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership of creative sector vocational education and training (VET) partners in 6 European Countries (Poland, Italy, UK, Slovakia, Greece and Spain) that aims to design, test and validate a new work-based learning (WBL) programme in Europe’s Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs). L2C recognizes that the modern, creative work-place is a powerful learning environment, with the potential to make vast contributions to employment, productivity and increasing economic competitiveness. It seeks to address the EU challenges of reducing youth unemployment and the adaptation of the current workforce to sustain and grow employment - ensuring that the developed skills of the workforce meet the needs of the future workplace.

The L2C partnership aims to develop a comprehensive and tailored approach to promoting WBL in the CCI sector working directly with and providing specific support to companies and entrepreneurs from this sector and VET teachers and trainers. A key output will be a tailored learning curriculum and blended learning for VET teachers/trainers to prepare their students better for effective WBL in the CCI sectors.

The following survey has been designed to inform the project by helping us understand better the context of the CCI sector, as well as the main needs, obstacles and success factors to take into account when developing a WBL curriculum.

Your time and inputs are very much appreciated and will help us gain a better understanding of the perspectives and points of view of different kinds of stakeholders from different European countries. If you are not sure how to answer a particular question, please give your best response based on your knowledge and experience.

Your answers will be treated anonymously.

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