The John Henry Singleton Foundation 2022 Scholarship
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Required Essay
Essay Question: Write and a submit a 250-500 word essay answering the following questions: How has COVID affected or improved your learning strategies? What does success mean to you? Why did you choose to go to an HBCU? How will this school help you to become successful?
Required Video Submission
Introducing yourself, explaining your goals, and how the JHSF Scholarship will help you achieve your goals to our email or below.
 Required Essay and Supporting Documents Submission
Please submit your essay, High School Transcript (Official or Unofficial) from your most recently completed term, HBCU Acceptance Letter, FAFSA Information (to show financial need), and Video (introducing yourself, explaining your goals, and how the JHSF Scholarship will help you achieve your goals) to our email Please include your name in and the title John Henry Singleton Foundation 2022 Scholarship in the subject field of the email. All supporting documents MUST be in one pdf. The video may be sent individually but to the same email address with the same subject title as the other materials.
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