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Hello! I’m hoping to feature a bunch of kidlit authors on my blog this November / December, as many as possible, as a resource for parents who are looking for books for their kids’ holiday reading.

If you’d like to be featured, pls answer the interview questions below + send me a photo of yourself (details below, at the end).

For your responses, short answers are good, maybe 20 words per question, or even fewer. Because parents are busy and just want the gist. If they’re interested, they can click on the link for your website and Instagram to find out more.

My blog audience is generally family-oriented, looking for fun reads, and especially interested in exploring kidlit from writers in Singapore / around the region. If you’re not sure whether your books are suitable, please feel free to email me first.

Please get everything to me by *** 30 November 2019.

Have fun with the interview!

& I really hope this helps to get more readers interested in your work.  


— Don Bosco
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What types of kidlit books have you written? *
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List a few of your published kidlit titles, using this format — Title (Publisher) *
Describe the main style / mood of your books *
How did you first get into writing kid lit? *
How do you get your story ideas? *
Pick one book of yours, and explain why kids should read this: *
One tip for parents, how to help kids enjoy reading: *
One unusual / fun tip for aspiring kidlit writers: *
What would you really wish to see happen in kidlit publishing next year (2020)? *
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I'll also need your photo ...
+ Pls email me a photo of yourself, holding up one of your books, and looking happy-ish.

Pls email this to:

And put this in the subject line: PHOTO FOR BLOG FEATURE — <<your name>>

When the blog post is up, I will reply to the email address you sent the photo from.

IMPT: Please spend a few minutes checking your answers above and make any edits / corrections.



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